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- How do I get Fornite, Apex, Rainbow Six, ect?

Go to Games > Geforce Now. You will then have to sign in to your platform to play these games. You have to have a Nvidia account enrolled in Geforce Now to play.

- Can I have the Github to

We are currently working on updates on the main site, but we will do a Github push in the future.

- How do minimize CrownJS in the bookmarklet tab?

Click right Shift

- How do I go to if someone is coming to look at my screen?

Click "=" on your keyboard, and that will redirect you to your google drive.

- Why doesn't GeForce Now work on the website?

GeForce Now is currently blocked on Ultraviolet (the proxy we use) at this moment, you may have to use Rammerhead.

- How does emulatorJS work?

Go to any ROM website (ex. and download the game you want to play. Then, after it downloads, drag the file into the box where the ROM file needs to go.

- Do I own any of these games/sites?

No, I do not own any of these games or sites. We provite access to the webistes for the world to enjoy. Please DM Quart2629#1128 on discord if you wish to remove your game off of General Mathematics